SolarVenti Ltd has over 35 years of experience in the development, production and professional servicing of solar air collectors. Due to the ever-changing climate control, huge increase in air pollution, more rental properties, higher energy bills and demand for a cleaner and more efficient way of life, every household and building would dramatically benefit from these products.


Easy to install with no long-term maintenance plan and minimal running costs- there is very little you need to do to ensure you reap the benefits of SolarVenti. In short, SolarVenti is the smartest eco friendly ventilation system on the market. With our unique use of naturally warmed air with smart control systems we can ventilate and dehumidify your home ensuring the ideal living environment for you and your family.


Why choose SolarVenti?

Why is SolarVenti better than a traditional ventilation system?

  1. Using solar energy, it is completely autonomous and needs no power input from the grid. This saves money in the long run, as well as the environment.

  2. It is maintenance free. One of our professionals install the panel and once it's in place it does the job quietly and efficiently.

  3. You will also save energy and money on your heating bill. Since SolarVenti heats the air you don't need as much heating and dry air doesn't require as much energy to be heated. So it's a double treat to the wallet.

Advantages of SolarVenti systems:

  • Prevents the causes of mould and condensation

  • Ventilation with renewable solar energy

  • A healthy and fresh indoor climate

  • Remove stale smells

  • De-humidification secures the value of your home and furniture

  • Avoid moisture, fungus, mould, radon gas and bad odours

  • Little or no running costs

  • Maintenance-free due to a self-cleaning filter

  • Easy to install

  • 5 Year Warranty