Developing technology is bringing new possibilities to your home. Truly smart and innovative products help us making your home a safer, healthier and more comfortable place for you. We supply latest technology from industry leading brands and create bespoke, complex solutions tailored to your needs.


British family-owned electrical solutions provider that manufactures innovative products of the highest quality including decorative switch plates and socketslighting control and multi-room audio.

A comprehensive, intelligent, easy-to-use lightning dimming and control solution allows you to control basic day-to-day scenarios, from simple dimming to full scene-setting programmes.

Create a perfect lightning  for a party, movie night, evening with a book or  just chilling on the sofa. No need to adjust each light point separately every time. Set, store and recall your favorite settings with just one touch. 


Smart Multi-room audio system enables up to four separate music sources around the property and  even the garden. It's now easy to listen to your entire music collection from anywhere in your house: classical in the lounge, rock in the kitchen, and hip-hop in the kids’ room all at the same time.


French producer focused on your safety and well-being. Their truly smart, innovative products provide a seamless experience that helps users create a safer, healthier and more comfortable home.


Complex security system keeps your home safe inside and outside. The system include all elements essential to protect your home:  indoor and outdoor cameras with face recognition, window and door sensors, video doorbell, siren and smoke alarm. Precise alerts sent to your phone let you know instantly about what happens outside and inside your home. Use live stream to view your property in real-time.


Measure, analyse and understand your environment to adapt it to your daily life and optimise your comfort at home with a smart help of home weather station, air quality monitor and heating solution. Smart thermostat allows you to pre-set heating schedule based on your lifestyle and habits. Every room in your house can have the temperature set individually to ensure enjoyable condition for each family member. Safe on your energy bills without compromising on comfort.