The indoor climate in well insulated modern houses is normally healthy for your fuel bill but certainly not always for your health. The problem stems from the missing air renewal.

The SolarVenti System will use the sun's heat and power to ventilate your house. This air creates a better environment in your house and can save money on your heating bill all year round. SolarVenti System series utilises solar radiation with a conversion of approximately 70% efficiency against a typical electric only panel of 16%.


SolarVenti is a solar air collector with a solid performance. With its solar powered fan and self-regulating control system, it ventilates, dehumidifies and heats the air, whilst being completely independent of the grid.​


    In fact, to run a Solarventi is completely free. The product is solar powered, meaning it runs totally independent of the grid.


    With a SolarVenti blowing hot air into your home, you will use your heating less and less. Even during periods when sunlight is scarce, SolarVenti is still able to self-regulate, collect and heat air.


    SolarVenti’s are maintenance-free. They come equipped with a self-cleaning filter, meaning they clean themselves so you don’t have to.


    Investing in a SolarVenti today can save you for tomorrow. Whilst removing moist, damp and unsound air, you won’t have to fork out to damp proof your home in the future.


The SolarVenti Way

Whether you live in a cottage, bungalow, flat, apartment or a house, SolarVenti is for you. We understand that everyone’s environment and needs are different – that is why we have created a range of products to suit your home and your requirements.


Once the SolarVenti has been installed onto your property, fresh air from the outside is sucked in through a perforated black plate and a 2mm layer of felt. The air velocity is low meaning that only extremely small amounts of dust, pollen, etc are drawn into the system. Then, when the sun shines it warms up the air inside the absorber and the integrated solar cell produces electricity for the built-in fan. This then blows the heated air into the house.
Whilst the system is running, air flow remains inside the panel. Then, when the system is switched off, it cools itself down – even if there is bright sunshine. The excess heat rises inside the solar panel and exits via the felt and the open construction back plate.

How does it work?

When the sun shines, the air is heated up inside the air collectors up to 35-40º C above the outside temperature. The lovely warm air is then blown into your house, adding extra heat and lowering your expenses. Warm air reduces humidity faster but more importantly takes away the breading ground for bacteria and viruses. Besides ventilating your home with fresh clean air, the SolarVenti System also provides you with a healthy indoor climate for you and your family.

SolarVenti panel explained!