SolarVenti’s NEW Heat Recovery Unit, in short MVHR

New for 2019, and only using the world’s most powerful resource (the sun), this new product delivers unrivaled performance and innovation into the ventilation market. 

The brand new product will deliver whole house heat recovery ventilation and ensure your home is freshly ventilated throughout the year, with warmed fresh air, and all at an incredibly low running cost.


SolarVenti latest innovation then simply uses the world’s most powerful resource the sun to deliver a heat recovery system like no other on the market today.

By using the sun to warm the air during the day, SolarVenti can deliver efficiencies of 100% plus, which essentially means we can put more heat into our home than we are taking out during the day. Whilst at night we still operate at 83% efficiency.

When the outside air enters your property through the Heat Recovery system, it is filtered to just 4 microns, preventing particulates entering the property, such as pollen or mould. Then, due to SolarVenti’s unique filtering system, there is no need for regular filter changes as there is with mechanical ventilation systems, as we can harness the heat of the sun to clean the filter.


When it comes to installing a SolarVenti onto your home, it couldn’t be simpler.

The panel is installed on the roof of your property (no need to empty the loft or find a spare cupboard internally). There are no moving parts in the panel, which means very little can go wrong and then is a simple case of plumbing in the ventilation system around the house, which can be as little as one input and output. 

With the new Heat Recovery system, once the warmed fresh air is circulating around the property, SolarVenti can:

  • Prevent the causes of mould and condensation

  • Remove stale smells

  • Remover harmful pollutants such as CO2 & volatile organic compounds

  • Reduce Radon

  • Reduce your heating bill

  • Create a healthier, fresher living environment

  • Prevent external pollutants entering the property